Senior Product Design Lead

Welcome to the Wayfair Virtual Assistant case study – a classic case of hacking user experience design to transform an underperforming AI chatbot into a customer's best friend.


Cofounder + CTO

With Icebrkr, we embarked on a quest to revolutionize the online dating world. In this case study, you'll delve into our iterative design process, learn how we capitalized on user feedback, and discover some of the growth strategies that fueled our vibrant community of over 10,000 users in under 9 months.

Fintech SaaS Platform

Lead Product Designer + Frontend Engineer

My client's goal was to grow and become the best Credit Union Service Organization in America. Wisely, they understood that using technology to automate processes for their financial customers would be the key to unlocking that growth. That's where we came in.

Z League

Lead Product Designer
[Under Construction]

Z League is an esports web and mobile app for gamers to compete and build a community. As the Lead Product Designer, I helped grow their user base, design their mobile app, and bring the biggest game in the world on the platform.