Lead Product Designer + Frontend Engineer

Design / Eng / Business Strategy

Using Design to Scale a Fintech Saas Platform
Context on My CLient
My client was a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) that functioned exactly how the name describes it - they service credit unions throughout the US. Their goal was to grow and become the best CUSO in America. Wisely, they understood that using technology to automate processes for their financial customers, like quickly generating business loans, would be the key to unlocking that growth. That's where we came in.
Project Overview

We were first hired to create a SaaS platform ("BLAST") for our client to sell to their customers so they could get a leg up in the competitive credit union space. This involved dissecting every part of the industry to identify the core problems customers face on a daily basis -- redundant data management, sluggishly slow loan processing, generating financial reports -- to name a few.

Over the course of 10 months, working with the CIO and his team, we created a beautiful web application that scaled to their customers throughout the US.

Side note: We had to push pause on the project midway through when the pandemic hit because the Paycheck Protection Program was announced. In just 6 weeks, we successfully built a separate app that saved over 10,000 jobs and caused the facilitation of over $100,000,000 in government loans.

My Role

On the tech side, I was the Lead Designer and Frontend Engineer. I conducted User Research, designed the UX, UIs, and built the frontend while my backend engineers handled the infrastructure.

On the business side, I collaborated with the CIO each day to build a solid strategy to scale BLAST to a wider audience.


CIO (Client), CTO (Client), PM, 2 Backend Engineers

Blast Designs


The dashboard displays a high-level view of the most important data to the user. The entire application can be viewed in light mode or dark mode.

Generating a Loan

Generating a loan is the most common user behavior for credit unions. The term "Auto Decision" refers to the system automatically accepting or rejecting a loan after inputing the business information -- Auto Decision is the core value prop for BLAST.

Calculating Auto Decision

The algorithm for an "Auto Decision" that evaluates the loan is created by the credit union. Here's a brief breakdown how it gets calculated.

Client Testimonial

This is a quote from our client after we built the PPP application

I want this team to know how awesome it has been. We are the only CUSO in the country that has weathered the PPP storm with any kind of success. There are credit unions and banks all over the country struggling to get these loans set up. Thank you all for your hard work and long hours during the dev phase of this.